Electrical Stations

What are the colors of the substations? Can they be chosen?

The colors of our production are standard, having been E-distribuzione suppliers for years, we have adapted the colors of our booths to their specifications. However, as we have already done, we can make any type of color taken from the RAL scale at no additional cost.

In case of an order for of a substation complete with equipment, therefore tested in the factory, are there further declarations or certifications to be produced?

Certainly. In addition to our supply book, you will need to complete the documentation with some attachments that meet the Technical needs of the MT connection guides required by the Energy Distributors of the area in which you operate. These activities are normally performed by the system designer or the installer who follows the supply.

Why are you making substation walls so thick?

The thickness of the walls in other European countries is also more than 10 cm. The regulation rule of February 2, 2009 n.617 relating to the instructions for the application of technical standards for construction Ministerial Decree of January 17, 2018, in paragraph C4. “Concrete cover and iron” determines the thickness of the concrete cover that would bring the thickness of the wall to 10 cm. This point for us is a very qualifying element for the market because since 2010 we have been producing them with a thickness of 12 cm! Infact also to the length of the wall that requires greater consistency, confirmed its desire to define the minimum thickness value in 9 cm and no longer 7 cm.

Do E-distribuzione booths necessarily have to be DG2092?

Yes, of course. See www.dg2092.it

Does E-distribuzione usually accept any exceptions?

E-distribuzione, like any other provider operating in the Italian territory, complies with the CEI 0-16 standard.

When the completed substation arrives on site, do you only take care of the installation or also of the connection to the electrical system?

Since the substation is complete, as it is assembled and tested in the factory, it does not need any other electrical activities. If your question refers to the connection of the substation to the electrical system network, this task is done by designated installer of your industrial plant.

Do you have electrical substations ready for delivery?

The standard configurations, according to E-distribuzione specifications, are always ready for delivery. For customized cabins the deliveries are from 4 to 6 weeks.

Medium Voltage Switchgear

Which CTs and VTs do you use?

The characteristics of CTs and VTs are normally an element requested by the designer and are supplied by us in accordance with their requests. Naturally, to guarantee delivery, we source from various suppliers among the best on the market.

Which protection relays do you use?

All our relays comply with current standards, some certified according to CEI 0-16.

If the MVSG panels during start-up don’t close.

Consult the use and maintenance manual.
Check the connection of the external button.
The contact must be closed with the glass pressed.

If the MVSG operating lever does not enter the operating seat.

Then check that the device door is closed correctly.

Your sales network is throughout national territory, are you still able to be competitive and respect delivery times?

The competitiveness of our products certainly does not depend on delivery times. In regards to delivery times, we reassure you that the MV switchgears, in some standard configurations, are ready for delivery.

Low Voltage Switchgear

What are the technical standards of reference for the low voltage switchgears that CEP produces?
  • CEI EN 61439 – 1 – General part
  • CEI EN 61439 – 2 – Power panel
  • CEI EN 61439 – 3 – Distribution boards
  • CEI 17-13 (IEC 60890) – Over temperature calculation
What forms of segregation can an electrical panel have?
  • FORM 1 – No segregation between functional units and distribution bars
  • FORM 2 – Segregation between functional units and distribution bars
  • FORM 3 – Segregation of functional units from each other – Segregation between functional units and distribution bars – Segregation between terminals and functional units
  • FORM 4 – Total segregation (Functional units – Distribution bars – Terminals) between all the active parts
What documentation is released for the electrical panel?
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Test certificate
  • Wiring diagram
  • Use and maintenance manual
What documentation is produced during the design phase of the switchgear?

Technical file and production schedule.

What technical data is available for the panels produced by CEP?

Each panel has an identification plate indicating:

  • Name and brand of the manufacturer
  • Identification number
  • Manufacturing Date
  • Nominal tension
  • Nominal Current
  • Nominal frequency
  • Reference technical standard

A complete technical data sheet is also attached to the declaration of conformity with all the identification data of the switchgear required by the reference technical standards.

Service Team

Does the service team take care of the reset, in the event of a fault with consequent opening of the circuit breaker?

It is clear that the rearmament of small ordinary maintenance activities can only be delegated to your company supervisor of your company systems, if authorized to carry out work in the substations as required by the current regulations.

Can i install any type of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to service the general device?

No, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to be combined with the general device must comply with the CEI 0-16 standard.

Is it possible to add automatic reclosing to the general device?

No, the CEI 0-16 standard does not allow an automatic reclosing system on the general device (DG) of the end user, with the exception of the interface even if it coincides with the general device.

Is it possible to change the setting of the general protection and interface protection relay?

The calibrations are to be set according to the prescribed values and reported in the “plant calibration” letter with its own POD, which can be found directly on the distributor’s website.

What kind of protections must the general device have?

The general device must have the protections indicated in CEO 0-16.

How often is maintenance done?

Maintenance should be carried out annually if the site is affected by normal climatic conditions, if the climatic conditions are critical it is recommended to the maintenance of the substations every six months. The choice must be weighted according to the CEI 78.17 standard.

Can i remove the mechanical interlock between the earth switch key and the lock key to access the transformer compartment?

Absolutely not, before accessing the transformer compartment, the medium voltage switchgear that powers the transformer must be safe and accessible to the operator. See cabin reference sheet.

Do you provide the documentation relating to the new mv panels installed or the maintenance carried out at the moment?

The final documentation will be forwarded digitally at the end.

Do you also take care of the first start up of the substation?

Yes, we provide the start up service upon request.

Where can i connect the earth conductor of the external mesh to the equipotential node of the substation?

Our substations are equipped with multiple connection points, and are highlighted by the earth symbol. See construction drawings.

Are the general protection relays or interface device relays subject to proper functioning tests?

Yes! The tests that demonstrate the correct functioning of the relay (whether general protection or interface device) must be carried out using the appropriate relay test box. A final report will be issued which verifies the correct intervention of the relay within the times established by form of  letter from the distributor.

In the case of complex jobs involving the replacement of heavy equipment (e.G. Transformers), do you also manage the means for handling such equipment?

Yes! Usually we also take care of this service unless the customer wants to proceed using his own knowledge.