The colors of our products are standard; having been Enel suppliers for years, we have adapted the colors of our cabins to their specifications. However, we can realize, as we have done in the past, any kind of color from RAL scale at no additional cost.

The means of transport do not belong to cep srl. However, we prefer to train and specialize all the companies that provide us this service to assure great efficiency and ability during the discharge operations.

Some of our most representative customers are indicated in the references.
Certainly, we work abroad. Some of our customers from abroad are indicated in the references.
All the components used for MV switchboards are produced by CEP. In some MV switchboards we install MV ABB ® switches while the LV switchboards are manufactured with ABB ® components.

Certainly. In addition to our book of supply you will have to complete the documentation with some attachments in compliance with the Technical guides for MV connections required by distributors of energy in the area in which you operate. These activities are normally carried out by the system designer and /or the installer following the delivery.

The Sinter is a MV switch, the break occurs inside an "arc quenching" room contained in an ampoule under vacuum; this bulb is insulated in SF6 sulfur hexafluoride gas in a container in epoxy resin.
The mono-block technology is the most secure, reliable and widespread in the world for all manufacturers of prefabricated electrical cabins. It is universally known as the forerunner of the IEC regulatory. The mono-block cabins can be assembled and tested in the factory and facilitate the export of the product.

The thickness of the walls is also more than 10 cm in other European countries.
The circular dated 2 February 2009, no. 617 relative to the instructions for the application of technical standards for constructions DM 14 January 2008, paragraph C4. "Concrete cover and in between" determines the thickness of the concrete cover that would raise the wall thickness to 10 cm.
This point is a very qualifying element into the market for us because we produce 12 cm thick walls since 2010!
Enel correctly confirmed, concerning what has been said and also the length of the wall that requires greater consistency, its willingness to define the minimum value of 9 cm instead of 7 cm thick.
Some manufacturers are not ready yet to deal with this adjustment Regulatory and produce 9 cm thick box for Enel and 7 cm thick box for the rest of the market.

Enel complies with IEC 016, like any other distributor operating in the Italian territory.

The characteristics of the CTs and VTs are usually required by designers and are supplied by us in accordance with their demands. Of course, to ensure delivery we source from different suppliers among the best in the international market.

All our relays are tested and standardized to IEC 016 and are produced by Thytronic ®.

No, it is not. They are designed to be equipped with our components. On the contrary, it is possible that other builders make use of our MT IMS.

Our cabins are equipped with both oil and resin transformer, the choice is made by the designer. Our experience leads us to recommend the oil transformers in standard conditions and /or in severe operating from the climatic point of view. In other conditions, you can install the resin transformers.
The guides for the connections are issued by entities operating in the national territory. Energy distributors are hundreds, therefore, you will find the edition you need in each of their web sites.

The economic value of the carriage depends on the amount of the provision and is proportional to it only for the cabins and the box in c. a. v.. On average it can vary from 1 to 10% according to the cost of the box in c. a. v.. but it certainly does not depend on the distance of the place of delivery. Regarding the MT switchboards the carriage has no impact because we benefit from an agreement with national society of transport, we already use for supplies to our primary customers such as ENEL.

Certainly! We offer a free post-sale ordinary service throughout the warranty period and a post-sale extraordinary service charged to the customer for all those goods no longer covered by warranty.

The competitiveness of our products certainly does not depend on the distance of the areas where they are destined (see FAQ n. 18). As for the delivery time, we would like to reassure you that the MV switchboards are always prompt delivery, as in the catalogue,  and standard cabins when they are not ready for delivery, can be delivered in a period that does not exceed 30 days from the date of your order.

As already mentioned (see FAQ), we also offer a post-sale assistance service. If, instead, you are referring to the service of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance you can certainly ask us or a local installer, at your liking.

Our company produce prefabricated electrical cabins, built and equipped in the factory, so our products do not require additional works on the area of ​​sediment. Nowadays and in the past the practice to supply also concrete box, sometimes mono-block often in panels, to be used for electrical substations has been developed by some construction companies. Having not an electromechanical vocation they have tried  to make up for this deficiency by offering services that a construction society is naturally accustomed to offer, that is the base building works, fencing, signage, etc. In fact, all these activities are on your charge and it is obvious that if you’re shopping for a cab for a new company you will already have a construction company that is delivering you other services.

Our company is operating in the Italian territory since about 30 years. Our Parts Department will assist you in all your needs. In addition, industrial products that have taken place in our production lines have always taken account of the innovation of electromechanical components in accordance with the continuous evolution of technical standards.

Our company produces prefabricated electrical cabins in c. a. v.. complete with electrical components, equipped and tested in the factory. If you choose to not buy a full product, you will have to find a supplier for box c. a. v.., another for MV and LV switchboards, another for MV and LV transformers and another one for the assembly of the components. In practice, you should manage all the procedures listed above to make the cabin working. Add to this the fact that, if it was required a bank loan, the bank in question, however, would prefer to have relationships with a single partner. For all these reasons, we believe that the most convenient solution is to get the whole service from a single supplier with the total assurance of the factory testing.

The practical benefits of buying a cabin equipped with the electrical components, already mentioned (see FAQ), usually correspond to an economic benefit which is about 5-15% of the amount of the order.

It is clear that the activities of rearmament and / or small routine maintenance have to be delegated to your charge that is responsible for the maintenance of the plants of your company, obviously, if he has a permit to perform work in the cabin as required by regulatory.

Being a complete cabin, as it has been assembled and tested in the factory, it does not need other electrical interventions. If you are referring to the connection of the earth system of the cabin to the network of the earth system of the plant, this task is to be assigned to the installer designated for the realization of your industrial plant.

No, this activity, as required by law, is committed to the DL and / or consultant of your company that takes care of all other approval processes.

With respect to goods supplied,  according to the provisions of the law, art. 1490 cc, the seller acknowledges to the buyer, that cannot be defined “consumer” because of the rules referred to the Consumer Code, only the liability for defects that make the thing sold unfit for normal use. Such a warranty, also due to the regulatory provisions of art. 1495 cc, has a term of one year and shall begin on the date of delivery of the goods, as well as it can easily be found in the DDT signed by the buyer. The buyer loses the right to warranty if he does not complaint the defects found by written communication to the seller within eight days of their discovery. The selling company, by virtue of the warranty given and after analysis of the defect reported with the help of their technicians, agrees to acknowledge to the buyer only the repair of the product supplied at their own expense by replacing the defective parts for proved material defect. The customer undertakes, on pain of losing the warranty, to ensure access to authorized technicians in places where there is the good purchased and to provide them with full collaboration for the detection and repair of the defect reported. No cost of labor or transportation incurred by the buyer without the prior approval in writing by the CEP srl may be charged to the latter by virtue of the guarantee given. If due to carelessness or negligence of the buyer or for other reasons not attributable to CEP srl, it would not be possible the timely intervention of the seller during the warranty period, the buyer will be responsible for the burden of the breaks and deficiencies arising from further use of the goods, with the explicit exclusion of liability of the supplier for such burdens. According to the aforesaid warranty, in conformity with the paragraph 2 of art. 1490 cc, the buyer cannot rescind the contract or obtain a reduction in the price and will not be in any way entitled to compensation for damage resulting from defective goods sold, after the arrest of the machines or the impossibility to use them for any reason during the warranty period.